"AER Control Systems’ VMSeries Vertical Media Collection Systems are designed to provide efficient, cost effective control of mist, dust, smoke, fume, and gas/vapor contaminants generated from a variety of manufacturing and process applications. Our larger Vertical Media Collection Systems modular design provides the ultimate in unit filtration flexibility or adaptability enabling them to handle a variety of airborne contaminants. Modular design allows for simple integration of additional filter modules which allow the collectors filter stages to be easily customized to meet the exact filtration requirements of the application. Should contaminants change due to process changes, existing filter modules can be easily added and/or altered to adapt to the new contaminants generated.

• Standard configuration with CFM ratings from 3000-9000 CFM
• Motors available from 2 HP through 7.5 HP for a wide range of applications
• Adjustable RPM, belt driven blowers for varying airflow
• Magnehelic gauge for quick reference of filter-loading
• Third stage filter element provides 95% efficiency per ASHRAE 52.1 & 52.2
• Pull out style bag retaining rods allow filter bags to be installed from outside of the cabinet and hold filter bag pleats in place, keeping bag envelopes evenly spaced for maximum collection
• Improved, final stage Vee-Bag filter sealing is provided by the removable and/or replaceable face sealing frame that eliminates filter leakage and bypass problems found with conventional side-mounted gasket sealing
• Tube type aerospace gaskets create three (3) sealing surfaces for optimum leak resistance. Gaskets are mechanically fastened to the cabinets eliminating problems with adhesives as well as making them extremely easy to replace"

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